What's Obama got to do with Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore? NHK Left Slant Exposed by Steve Cioccolanti

Did anyone catch this right after the Norko Sumit in Singapore on 12 June 2018?

Yashushi Chimura, Former Abductee, on NHK Newsline

NHK (the state-sponsored, left-biased news channel of Japan) chose a striking background to interview Japanese people who were unhappy with the Trump-Kim meeting. Steve Cioccolanti spotted the subliminal message and posted on his Twitter account.

Obama, Japan.

Granted Obama is a real town in Japan, who thinks it "just so happened" that critics of Trump appeared on TV in a town of 30,000 people called "Obama", instead of the capital city of 13.8 million people called "Tokyo"?
With a printed screen background of a small town ready for the cameras? It smacks of staging. "Subliminal stimuli," as it is commercially known, are engineered into advertising, movies and TV programming.

What was the Japanese interviewees' complaint? President Trump had just accomplished what no one else had ever done for Japan, South Korea and North Korea. The list of achievements include:

"The world will see historic change," said Kim Jong-Un

  • The release of three American evangelical Christians held as prisoners in North Korea: Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song and Tony Kim (prior to the Summit). 
  • The first-ever meeting between a US President and a North Korean Chairman. 
  • Remains of fallen heroes and family members in North Korea will be allowed to be recovered from North Korea.
  • All North Korean missile and nuclear tests will be halted. 
  • US-South Korea "war games" will end. 
  • Christianity will be allowed without persecution, according to Charisma Magazine

"We will have a terrific relationship," President Trump said.

The details of the negotiations and agreement reached are still being gradually disclosed, but somehow the Japanese who campaign for former abductees by North Korea knew that Donald Trump "didn't do enough".

Obama. That is the American leader NHK adored. They continue to promote him to the Japanese public. Who did he help? Obama sent billions in cash to Iran. His beneficiaries surely miss him. That may be why Obama is not going away fast.

Meanwhile Koreans are celebrating the overwhelming success of Donald Trump. He has exceeded all expectations. For years, the world witnessed the Hermit Kingdom test missiles and nuclear bombs. Months ago, the media accused Trump of risking nuclear war with North Korea. Now with the promise of complete de-nuclearization, Koreans are inspired to copy Trump's MAGA motto with their own MKOA T-shirts: MAKE KOREA ONE AGAIN.

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