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In a Parliamentary system, the "prime (first) minister" is chosen by his/her own party, not the population. Therefore a Prime Minister is always an insider, a professional party member, and the possibility of an outsider like Donald Trump coming in to "shake things up" in countries like Australia or England is virtually nil.

The party can even oust a sitting Prime Minister and switch the country's main leader at will, without any consent of the people, as happened from 2010-2015 when Australia had 5 different prime ministers in 5 years! Though Democrats would love to override the will of the people, ousting Donald Trump as President will never happen.

Impeachment is possible in the US by vote of both houses of Congress, yet no President has even been removed from office. The House of Representatives impeached 2 presidents, Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton, but the Senate acquitted them both. The House of Representatives started an impeachment process against Richard Nixon but it was never completed. Nixon resigned in 1974, becoming the only President to ever remove himself from office.

The US system of government was carefully crafted by the principally Christian founders who referred to the Bible for a template of governance. They saw 3 distinct branches with separate powers that were able to hold each other on "checks and balance".

The only Biblical check and balance they omitted to enshrine was the authority of the religious branch (Prophets, later Sanhedrin and latest Church), which is the only body entirely independent of and impervious to politicians. Despite their broadmindedness, the Founding Fathers were victims of their time; they reacted to the circumstances of the context they lived in. Many early European immigrants to America were Christians from smaller churches fleeing persecution, oppression and control by a) the Catholic Church on the continent and b) the Anglican Church in England. Understandably they had a bias against established religion, but not Christian religion itself. They could in no way foresee the political bias against all Christian churches today. It would have been unfathomable to them!

Here is one lesson: the founding fathers were educated in history, philosophy and theology, yet they should not have neglected to recognize and protect the role of the Church. If ever all 3 branches (or 2 for a Parliamentarian system) become corrupt, then only the Church is left to educate the public and correct the immorality of the "powers that be" (PTB). Even when one branch is corrupt, such as seen in America by "judicial activism" or judges making laws without Congress or the people's consent, the main institution that stands by to oppose such corruption by informing  voters is the Church. Few politicians want to risk their careers by rocking the boat. They are all in the same "club" and must scratch each other's backs, unless they are an outsider like Donald Trump.

This explains why the Left introduces legislation against the Church every chance they get, on a yearly basis in Australia, because despite our imperfections, we are not taxed and cannot be cajoled into giving up our moral standards by political bribes. We cannot be bribed by government funding like schools and universities can, or by regulatory licenses like journalists and TV stations are. We (most of us ministers) take nothing from government and we give society far greater value in terms of social stability, personal morality, Sunday school, sports chaplaincy, youth counselling, marital counselling, social work and poverty alleviation (to name only a few benefits of Christianity). The Left hates us because we are the only major institution which they have not taken over. 

Every citizen, especially Christians, must understand why all liberties depend on religious liberty. Defend religious freedom from Marxist forces by prayer AND participation in politics! If you like this leave us a comment!

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What's Obama got to do with Trump-Kim Summit in Singapore? NHK Left Slant Exposed by Steve Cioccolanti

Did anyone catch this right after the Norko Sumit in Singapore on 12 June 2018?

Yashushi Chimura, Former Abductee, on NHK Newsline

NHK (the state-sponsored, left-biased news channel of Japan) chose a striking background to interview Japanese people who were unhappy with the Trump-Kim meeting. Steve Cioccolanti spotted the subliminal message and posted on his Twitter account.

Obama, Japan.

Granted Obama is a real town in Japan, who thinks it "just so happened" that critics of Trump appeared on TV in a town of 30,000 people called "Obama", instead of the capital city of 13.8 million people called "Tokyo"? With a printed screen background of a small town ready for the cameras? It smacks of staging. "Subliminal stimuli," as it is commercially known, are engineered into advertising, movies and TV programming.

What was the Japanese interviewees' complaint? President Trump had just accomplished what no one else had ever done for Japan, South Korea and North Korea. The list of achievements include:

"The world will see historic change," said Kim Jong-Un

  • The release of three American evangelical Christians held as prisoners in North Korea: Kim Dong Chul, Kim Hak Song and Tony Kim (prior to the Summit). 
  • The first-ever meeting between a US President and a North Korean Chairman. 
  • Remains of fallen heroes and family members in North Korea will be allowed to be recovered from North Korea.
  • All North Korean missile and nuclear tests will be halted. 
  • US-South Korea "war games" will end. 
  • Christianity will be allowed without persecution, according to Charisma Magazine

"We will have a terrific relationship," President Trump said.

The details of the negotiations and agreement reached are still being gradually disclosed, but somehow the Japanese who campaign for former abductees by North Korea knew that Donald Trump "didn't do enough".

Obama. That is the American leader NHK adored. They continue to promote him to the Japanese public. Who did he help? Obama sent billions in cash to Iran. His beneficiaries surely miss him. That may be why Obama is not going away fast.

Meanwhile Koreans are celebrating the overwhelming success of Donald Trump. He has exceeded all expectations. For years, the world witnessed the Hermit Kingdom test missiles and nuclear bombs. Months ago, the media accused Trump of risking nuclear war with North Korea. Now with the promise of complete de-nuclearization, Koreans are inspired to copy Trump's MAGA motto with their own MKOA T-shirts: MAKE KOREA ONE AGAIN.

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What are we to believe when powerful forces have nothing good to say about a person? They put cross-hairs on the head of the US President implying they approve what should be a crime: the assassination of a sitting President.   

The mainstream media has become a contrarian indicator. Whatever they report, just believe the opposite. Here are some things they reported:
  • Brexit would never happen. 
  • If Brexit happened, Britain’s economy will go down the tube. 

Fake news! Brits wanted Brexit. Britain’s economy has done just fine after Brexit. Nigel Farage has accomplished what he promised the people. But no credit will be given to Nigel Farage in the mainstream media. 

Here are some more news reported by the media:

Who is Steve Cioccolanti? Can I trust him? False Prophet or Epic End-Time Teacher

BIOGRAPHY: Steve Cioccolanti, B.A., M.Ed., is a Christian author, a prolific teacher of God's Word and senior pastor of Discover Church in Australia. He has produced hundreds of DVDs and authored 4 books
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12 Keys to a Good Relationship with God (children's book). 

Pastor Steve is known for accurate teaching of end times which predicted the Syrian crisis, the rise of Turkey, the election of President Donald Trump, the nuclear threat of Iran and the sequence of events in the Book of Revelation. 

He was the only Christian voice who correctly predicted that a prophetic event significant to Israel would occur on the 23rd of December 2016, the eve of Hanukkah. This was fulfilled by Barack Obama's orchestration of UN Security Council Resolution 2334, the first time a US President truly turned his back on America's ally Israel. This unprovoked hostility was a prelude to what Jesus predicted would happen in the last days: the world will persecute Israel and Jews will suffer a time of tribulation until she repents and turns to her Messiah (Luke 13:35, Revelation 12:13, Jeremiah 30:7).

These accurate predictions do not necessarily make Pastor Steve a prophet. His understanding of future trends is based on a combination of Bible study, constant research, prayer and inspiration of the Holy Spirit. 

Discover Ministries' YouTube channel has over 100,000 subscribers, is one of the most trusted sources of prophecy news and exploded in viewership during the US election of President Donald J. Trump and Vice President Mike Pence. Pastor Steve's videos on Donald Trump are some of the most watched on the Internet, including:

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Pastor Steve has never endorsed secular numerology; his teachings explore Biblical numbers and Hebrew roots so long as they support and do not contradict the plain text of the Bible. He publicly rejects astrology and teaches Biblical astronomy. The "Star of Bethlehem" is an orthodox Christian sign which no one would call astrology, for example.

Pastor Steve is the founder of Discover Ministries, a Christian organization with a mandate to "disciple nations" by reaching world leaders and thinkers with the truth of the Gospel and Good Government (Matthew 28:18). 

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